Planning for GCSE Exam Success

Do you find yourself worrying if your child is doing enough, or on top of their studies?

This is going to be a tough year for students. Help them to be at their best in the exams, without feeling like it is taking over their life.

Our innovative revision bundle has everything you need to organise your teenager while giving them control and responsibility.

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Why it works

  • Courses are broken down into specific tasks to overcome procrastination
  • Ensures balance to combat stress as well as avoidance
  • Students plan ahead, allocating time to school, social, study
  • Tangible benefits every week – shifting the sense of success
  • Easy to see what’s left to do and progress made
  • Creates a routine that can be effortlessly followed

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Great results don’t happen by chance

The sooner revision starts, the easier it is to retain knowledge and really excel in the exams. It’s easy to put it off, but there really is no time like the present to get going.

Plan for exam success today!

A tailored Study Bundle

We’ve got over 450 GCSEs, iGCSEs, National Certificate and other courses all broken down ready. Your bundle is created specifically for the subjects and exam boards your teen is taking.

Once you’ve ordered, we create your bundle to your requirements. We can even help you determine what you need!

Content. Coverage. Confidence.

The Study Buddy’s innovative appraoch to GSCE revision is based on the project management techniques used in big business for £multi million initiatives. 

We take the exam board specification and turn them into a backlog of work. This was students know exactly that they have to cover before exams. The systematic approach soon becomes baked-in routine leading to increased confidence when it comes to sitting the exams.

And not just that, these are great time management habits to get into. They’ll serve your teen well for A Levels, university degree and beyond.

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Hoping for Luck is not a winning strategy

To really succeed in these exams, students should be on top of their studies from the outset. That’s not to say that every waking hour is spent working. But little and often is far and away the most effective study route. 

With our bundles your teen will know exactly how much work you have. And you can plan accordingly. 

Prepare for your best

Not sure that the bundle is right for you?

If the full GCSE Revision bundle isn’t what you’re looking for then we have options. 

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