Build great study habits for GCSEs

Get ahead of the game with resources that are created bespoke to the courses you need. We remove the barriers to revision planning, helping your teen to reach their potential in the exams.

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It's not just about getting great grades. But it is about that too.

Help your teen reach their potential. By removing the barriers to revision, your teen will be able to get on with some productive study. It's inevitable that better results follow.


Procrastination busting

We’ve done the heavy lifting by breaking down all the courses. Creating a detailed plan is an excellent way of overcoming delays.


Reduces stress and anxiety

We’re all about giving the teens control. They know what they need to do and can easily manage when. It’s where confidence comes from.


Tailored to each student

Every tool and bundle is created according to the subjects you need. And if it has an exam, we have it covered.


All subjects and all exam boards

Our approach is to create a master to-do list. Our breakdowns show students exactly what they need to cover to be exam ready.


Building lasting time management habits

This isn’t just about exams, our approach helps teens to visualise tasks and time management for life beyond the classroom.


Nag-free parent involvement!

If you find yourself constantly asking about revision, this is for you. The real world, physical nature puts everyone on the same page.

Everything you need to get going, straight out of the box.

We tailor all of our resources to you. If there's something you need let us know.


Start right here

All too often revision headaches begin by not knowing what needs to be covered. Well, we've sorted that for you. Simply tell us which subjects and exam boards your teens is taking and we compile hand-finished revision planning sets for you.


Visible planning

The beauty of our system is just how simple to use it is. The large whiteboard shows everyone what's in plan for the week. No need to second guess. And removing the nagging is a powerful incentive!


Less nagging, more support.

Putting your teen in control is a scary idea! But our framework allows just that. With the safety net of bespoke sets and progress monitoring tools, you can start to step back.

Be organised. Do well.

If your teen has exams in their future, now is the time to start getting the framework in place. Our system is not about fixed structures and having revision take over. Quite the opposite. It's about how to be efficient and effective with the flexibility that a teenager's life demands.

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I just wanted to email to say how helpful The Study Buddy has been for Emilia. She’s not found this GCSE process easy (like many I’m sure) and it has enable her to plan and organise herself in a way that’s manageable. It has been invaluable to us and I’m glad we were able to get her set up as she’s been successfully using the system for months. We need to be in touch for A levels!


Mum to teen girl

Frequently Asked Questions

We're all about helping other parents to support their teens. If you have an unanswered question, please get in touch.

Once you’ve ordered we send you a link. There’s no particular rush if you need to double check exam boards. 

Also, we’re no strangers to rummaging through schools’ websites to find missing information. We’re here to help from the outset!

Absolutely. We’ve already covered over 475 courses, and more are being added when we come across them. 

Basically, everything you need to get planning! 

  • The full 90cm x 60cm drywipe whiteboard
  • Planning sets for up to 10 GCSES
  • A set of whiteboard pens and eraser
  • Access to the Digital Tracker
  • A full personalised Study Summary pdf
  • Our unwaivering commitment to support you!


In seriousness, little and often is the best approach to revision for all manner of good cognitive science reasons. 

From a planning point of view, time management is is a process. The earlier you start the more time you have to refine and perfect how your teens works best.

Too many teens are having to battle through how they organise themselves alongside trying to revise content. That makes is painful and stressful (or it means it’s abandonned entirely).