GCSE Revision & exams – what parent’s need to know.


You want to help them to do their best. But they’re not exactly receptive to your selfless offers of help…

How can you support your child to prepare for their exams?

There are inherent problems in parenting a teenager in the run-up to exams.

  • Their brains are wired to take risks
  • The future seems too far away
  • They mis-read signals (concern for aggression)
  • It’s not like when we were at school
  • No one tells parents how to genuinely help…

In this webinar, we’ll cover some of the common issues teens (and their parents) face when it comes to exams.

Nathan McGurl, founder of The Study Buddy, will explain:

  • How we learn (an overview!)
  • What to do in the absence of motivation
  • Creating foolproof schedules
  • Coaching techniques every parent should know
  • Top revision techniques and how to practically use them

When is this invaluable webinar taking place?

The next session is on Monday 25th October
Starting at 7pm.
Delivered via Zoom

The live session will last for approximately one hour with time for questions. Be warned; there may be a test at the end 🙂

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GCSE Revision & exams – what parent’s need to know.