Every parent wants their children to reach their full potential. But when it comes to revising for GCSEs, many of us are left wondering what to do for the best. After all, it might be quite a while since we last had to sit an exam!

The Study Buddy is an innovative, easy-to-follow approach to getting ready for exams. Based on modern project management principles, we have broken each course down into bite-sized chunks, By allocating these units over the coming week, students can make sure that they’re covering the topics they need to, while still making time for social lives, out of school activities and the all important lie in.

Get going quickly, with the GCSE Buddy Bundle!

Our special bundle offer gives you everything you’ll need. The board, revision sets for up to 10 GCSE courses, the pens, and, of course, the Digital Tracker. For a limited time we’re offering the whole thing for a discount of up to 20% based on buying everything separately. Buy now >


Or if you’d sooner select only a few items:

How to create your bundle of revision magic

1) Select your subjects and exam boards

The Study Buddy GCSE revision sets are created to specifically for your course, that’s why we ask for the exam board. Your school will be able to provide you with these. If in doubt, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll help you find out. The system works best when all of the course sets are included, but we’ll include a few blank magnets so that can schedule other subjects or regular activities.

2) Select any extras

The approach is to put these magnetic units onto a white board with a portion marked up with a week to view. For convenience we have an especially designed magnetic whiteboard – The Buddy Board – to work with the units and we also have dry wipe pens.

3) Add the Digital Tracker if you like

Our Digital Tracker is the perfect companion to the board and sets. It allows you to monitor progress through the subjects, showing at a glance what’s been done and how much is left. With the new feature of setting confidence levels, this is also a fantastic way of prioritising topics. It works well as standalone tool too. It’s a web based tool so it will work on your computer, laptop, tablet, smart phones and so on.