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Just a routine operation

The Importance of a Routine for School Children Routines are essential for everyone, but they are especially important for school children and teens. A straightforward, consistent routine can help them feel more organised, prepared, and in control of their lives. It helph them to sleep better, eat healthier, and manage their stress levels. Not to […]

How to schedule time for your revision

We take time – and filling it – for granted. But using it well isn’t something that happens by accident and it isn’t always something that comes naturally. Follow our three simple steps to planning time effectively

On top of your GCSE studies? Check ✔

The combination of remote learning and many months of disruption means that many GCSE year students aren’t sure where they are with their studies. To help students – and parents – keep an eye on how they are doing, we are introducing personalised Study Summaries. These electronic documents are a single source of all of […]

What to do, when you’ve done all the work?

Schools are mostly managing brilliantly to set work for secondary school-aged children. However it is obviously difficult to manage a virtual classroom set-up. What we’re finding – with year 10 and year 9 in particular is that work is being set to be completed before a deadline. This can mean that some pupils are finding […]

Creating your GCSE revision schedule – knowing ‘when’

Knowing exactly what you have to do is the starting point. But committing to do it – and seeing it through – is critical to success! We’ve all been in a situation where time just seems to have disappeared. That one thing you had to do, that you put off. At the start of the […]

Building the backlog

There’s an old African proverb: How do you eat the elephant? – One bite at a time. Sometimes staring into a really big task – revising for your GCSEs, for example – can seem really overwhelming. Scary almost. It might seem to us to be unachievable. Especially if we can’t see past the enormity of […]

Time for a check up?

Exam time is looming. It’s natural to start to feel anxious. But this isn’t the time to blindly panic. What you need is a plan so you know if you need to panic with conviction. Even those who have been revising for a while may feel a little shaky about how exam ready they are. […]

I’ve received my Study Buddy Bundle. Now what?

Your board and GCSE Revision sets have arrived. The untapped potential is about to be, well, tapped. It’s great that you’re open to this approach bringing about a bit of a transformation. But of course, that’s just the first step. After all, just because you get gym membership doesn’t mean you’re going to get fitter […]