On approval, self-worth and learning from our experiences with Sanjeev Bhaskar

We’ve all done that thing of saying or doing something to our children we promised our younger selves we would never say or do. It’s the gradual but undeniable transformation into our own parents. But is that such a bad thing? After all, doesn’t it come from a place of good intention and concern and […]

GCSE 2022 – plans and contingency plans announced

Ofqual has announced the arrangements for the summer 2022 exams. And also the plans that it is putting in place in case GCSE and A Level exams are cancelled. Exams will be taking place next year. It’s something that government is keen to point out whenever the subject of 2022 exams comes up. However, accepting […]

On busy home lives, structure and handling teens with very different approaches to studying for GCSEs

Jenny is mum to two teen girls. One is taking her GCSEs in 2022 and the other the following year. Both are incredibly sporty and keep Jenny and her husband busy with matches and practices in addition to the usual teen activities. We talk about how to manage hectic schedules and hope to keep on […]