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Make time to revise

Get on top of your revision with timetabling that actually works

You’re struggling to get going with your GCSE revision, but know deep down that you probably should make a start. 

Let Nathan – The Study Buddy – talk you through some of the basics of learning and how to get organised. You’ll be geared up to prepare for your exams, without it taking over your life.

In this recorded session for The Bristol Education Partnership you’ll discover:

  • How we learn (or how to not forget)
  • The importance of planning
  • How to organise your time for revision (commitments, social, study)
  • Some revision top tips, so that you use your time effectively
  • A 12-faced 3D shape is called a dodecahedron 🙂

Get your FREE Personalised Study Summary

We’re parents first and foremost and we want to support you. Our study summaries are personalised breakdowns of each GCSE, iGCSE or BTEC course that your teen is taking. In a handy checklist format, they’re a great way of keeping on track and monitoring progress.

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Printed Personalised Study Summary - this is sent as a PDF
With our tools, you’ll be ready to go, right out of the box. We give you the answers to “what” and the approach to tackle “when”.

Overcome Procrastination

Courses are broken down into specific bite-sized units. This minimises dither and delay! And a visible to-do list helps focus the mind.

Combat Stress

Students have a clear path to exam readiness. They can be confident they’re covering the right content. This gives a sense of control – reducing anxiety.

Stay on track

As a highly visible approach, students and parents can quickly see how things are going. And progress can be monitored without judgement or fuss.

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