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On Advance Information and the impact on GCSE and A Level revision with Dawn Cox

It’s been a whole two episodes since we mentioned the impact of COVID on our teen’s education.  That was never going to last! There have been two years of interrupted learning, for those sitting exams this year – being year 11 and year 13 students. As a result, exam boards have now released what is called Advance Information for the exams. In brief, this is a list of the topics that will be the focus of the big mark questions. On the face of it, that sounds great. But is it actually going to be useful as useful to our teens in the long run – and the short term?

This week it is fabulous to be joined by Dawn Cox – in her second Study Sessions appearance. Dawn is Head of Religious Studies in an Essex secondary school. Dawn is also a prolific blogger and tweeter covering not just RE topics, but teaching and learning in general. She has a particular interest in effective exam preparation.

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This episode is jam-packed with great advice for parents and teens. Just like Dawn’s last episode from Dec 2020! Given the release of Advance Information for GCSE, A Levels and other qualifications, we consider the impact of proving a “heads up” on exam content for students.

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