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On making changes that stick with Shahroo Izadi

They say that around 80% of new years resolutions will fail by mid-Feb. That’s an awful lot of promises to revise harder for students and “I’ll stay stress-free” for parents that will have fallen by the wayside. But these things are important to see through. So just how is it that we gear ourselves up for success and try to make new better habits stick?

This week our returning guest is behavioural change expert Shahroo Izadi – author of The Kindness Method.

Shahroo explains why resolutions tend to fail and importantly, she explains what we should do about it! It’s an especially poignant episode given promises to study more will often be under pressure around this time.

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Shahroo offers practical advice and tips on how to help overcome the often felt barriers. We also hear how we can be kinder to ourselves when things of off track. This is vitally important for the teens in our life who could so easily start to become overwhelmed and anxious.

In this third season of the podcast, Nathan – founder of The Study Buddy – will be talking to parents, students and teachers about GCSE and A Level exams in 2022. Sharing these real-life experiences will confirm we’re not alone and should also provide plenty of advice and tips when it comes to supporting our own teens.

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