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On trying not to be that overbearing parent

There’s not a parent amongst us who doesn’t want their child to do well. After all, them doing well gives them more options. It will raise their self-esteem and confidence. And often, from our point of view, it’s what we know they are truly capable of…. But is there a danger at some point do we become more invested in them reaching these arbitrary exam-driven goals on their behalf and lose sight of who they are actually for? Is there a risk that we begin to feel responsible for their achievements?

This week’s guest is Katie, mum to two teens. Liam with her eldest taking his GCSEs in the summer. However, Katie isn’t convinced he’s putting in all the work he needs to. Does that sound familiar? If so, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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This is a fantastically honest and open episode. Katie shares her concerns about Liam’s revision habits and her seeking counselling to understand her own responses. There is no holding back in explaining how she got caught up effectively believing that her son’s results were a direct reflection on her. 

In this third season of the podcast, Nathan – founder of The Study Buddy – will be talking to parents, students and teachers about GCSE and A Level exams in 2022. Sharing these real-life experiences will confirm we’re not alone and should also provide plenty of advice and tips when it comes to supporting our own teens.

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