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Self-Directed Destination: The importance of self-regulating and independent learners with Louise Lewis

Legend tells of students who will settle down to studying – of their own volition! They want to do well – and are prepared to work for it – without it becoming all-consuming. However, up and down the country exam year households tend to be filled with the same sorts of questions: “have you got much homework?” and “don’t you think you should be doing a bit of revision?”. Of course, at the other end of the spectrum, students can put themselves under too much pressure, struggling to find a balance. So, just how can we help our young people to find this route to efficient self-managed study and is it even really necessary?

This episode looks at what it takes to be a self-regulated and independent learner

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Nathan McGurl, Founder of The Study Buddy, is joined by Louise Lewis. Louise is a biology teacher at a secondary school in East Yorkshire. Alongside the day job, she is a research lead, a governor and a columnist for the Times Education Supplement. She also writes a blog under the genius title of Miss Understanding Education which looks at, amongst other things, evidence-informed teaching practice. 

Typically, the Easter holidays represents a milestone in the GCSE year. This is when revision gets serious. Especially for those who have been putting studying off because now starts to feel like there isn’t ages left. Of course this year is different, without the focal point of exams. Many of our students are still building in time for study. For some they are conscious that they will have tests and assessments to make up their grades, so they are using this time to go over what they have learnt throughout the course. Others, like Joe, are content to do exactly what was instructed, even if that doesn’t feel like a lot.


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