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Going the distance: Making the most of remote learning with Tom Rose

It’s quite incredible how quickly our teens adapt to their environment. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they can cotton on to a great excuse: “Sorry, my laptop is glitching”. I’m not sure that’s much of a technical term! But it seems to cover all manner of ills to justify not putting the camera or mic on. But beneath the cunning is there a more serious issue? Is it a symptom of the fact that our children are disengaging from learning? And will this perhaps more passive role harm their prospects in the future?

This week’s podcast episode is looking at remote learning and how our young people can get the most out of schooling at home.

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Nathan McGurl, founder of The Study Buddy is joined by Tom Rose. Tom is currently the Programme Director at Oak National Academy. The National Academy is an initiative, set up by teachers, to provide high quality pre-recorded video lessons for pupils Early Years to Yr 11. Before joining Oak, Tom worked in teacher training and development with Teach First, and Curriculum development with the multi-academy Trust Ark schools. 

The episode looks at the issues involved in remote learning and how it has evolved since the first lockdown. We discuss the role of teachers and also what parents can do to support. We also consider the broader impact of creative subjects and the need for a balanced schedule.

Oak National Academy’s website has over 10,000 lessons available. With the full variety of subjects and topics ranging from Early Year and Foundation stage, right the way through to Year 11 GCSE content. They have successfully campaigned phone companies to zero-rate the website making it free of data charges. This is a big one for families without broadband or who can only access lessons on a mobile through 4G. 


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