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Ep7 Mindfulness and Mental Wellbeing in teens approaching GCSEs with Omari Eccelston-Brown

We all have different ways of coping with – if not managing – stress. Perhaps it’s the variety of situations we’ve experienced that make us more or less adept to managing pressure. But our young people have had limited opportunity to experience or deal with the kinds of pressure they now find themselves under. So, just how can we practically help them to learn how to cope for themselves? Especially when we’ve typically tried to solve their problems in the past.

In this episode, Nathan is joined by Homework Guru, Omari Eccelston-Brown. We look at the impact that uncertainty can have on young people. And we explore attitudes to ‘failing’. To that end, Omari shares stress busting tips to help our teens to stay centred. He also has practical tips on how parents can approach the subject.

We’re following 6 very different students as they work towards their GCSEs in summer 2021 in this 2nd season. Each week Nathan catches up with each of them in a 1-2-1 coaching session. Then, our experts will discuss some of the issues that crop up in one of our podcast episodes.

Profile photo of Omari Eccleston-BrownOmari Eccleston-Brown is the Homework Guru. He’s the author of ‘The Secret to Happy Homework’ and the director of the tutoring company Believe in Learning. Omari is also a Children’s Mindfulness Coach and a passionate campaigner for mental health.

Produced by Pineapple Audio Productions.


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