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The Study Sessions: Back to school

It’s a new school year! Hurrah….. 

In the past there might have been a level of nervous excitement about going back. Even if every young person in the country would honestly prefer to have a life-long summer holiday. 

But, 2020 isn’t like any other year. As a result, the return to school for our teens has a Covid-shaped shadow over it. Not only have many of them not stepped foot in a classroom for almost 6 months, but they’ve seen:

  • a bit of a debacle with this years’ exams;
  • shifting sands over social distancing and safety in school; and
  • unanswered questions about next year’s GCSE exams.

This first episode of Season Two of The Study Session Podcast from The Study Buddy looks at, unsurprisingly, going back to school.

Our students have talked to us about their concerns for this coming GCSE year. In this episode Nathan McGurl – founder of The Study Buddy – discusses those with Charles Fillingham – Headmaster at Francis Holland School – and Kevin Aires – founder of September Ready Go.


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