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What to do, when you’ve done all the work?

Schools are mostly managing brilliantly to set work for secondary school-aged children. However it is obviously difficult to manage a virtual classroom set-up. What we’re finding – with year 10 and year 9 in particular is that work is being set to be completed before a deadline. This can mean that some pupils are finding themselves having completed work before time.

So what do you do?

Our preferred approach is for those GCSE subject to work through the list of topics and treat them as an exercise in cementing your knowledge. Or perhaps you could start to read around the topics that would be covered in year 11.

Our sets and digital tracker are easy ways of getting started. But of course, you can always create your own backlog of work.

This simple tracker has the topics and units of work (this example has Maths GCSE). As work is completed your child can say how confident they feel about it. This will prove useful when it comes to looking back on work.

There are plenty of great online sources of content for each subject. BBC Bitesize is a popular site for GCSE work – and actually lessons for all ages – but first you should check with your school to see if they have content that they would recommend.


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