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GCSE grades gap – all down to approach?

The Times Education Supplement (TES) has today reported that the approach to revision is key to explaining attainment.

In particular the study looks at the gender gap and how girls are fairing better in traditionally boy-dominated top grade subjects. The research takes the view that the strategies and techniques used in revision play a significant role. Even more than the amount of time spent revising. Interesting it also raises the point that students can convince themselves that a particular approach is effective study, when in fact it is not.

I’m sure many of us will be familiar with the argument that watching a YouTube video is meaningful revision!

The research also finds that revision techniques not only help the student to be prepared for these important exams, but it also helps them to feel in control and can reduce anxiety.

The Study Buddy method is all about trying to provide structure to studying at home. Breaking down the units ensures that the whole specification is covered in the run up to exams. Importantly too, having the full backlog of all the courses means that you can’t escape the reality of what has been done, and what is left.

One aspect we know has proven useful is the different colours used in the sets. It means that, at a glance, you can see whether the week’s revision plan is balanced. Too much green and you’re over indexing on biology. No orange, and you’re avoiding Maths!

Of course, how you revise is a vital aspect of time well spent, but we have found that having a well structured and repeatable way of managing time is often the vital first step to productive study.


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