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Time for a check up?

Exam time is looming. It’s natural to start to feel anxious. But this isn’t the time to blindly panic. What you need is a plan so you know if you need to panic with conviction.

Even those who have been revising for a while may feel a little shaky about how exam ready they are. Understanding the position is central to overcoming those nerves. To do that they should take stock of how confident they are with a course’s topics. For some this will prove to be a great relief, for others it might be a wake-up call and a chance to find out what they should focus on. But in order to make great decisions about what the next steps are, you need information about the current position.

The Digital Tracker was designed to monitor progress. However, its system of recording confidence has proven to be a real hit. It provides a way of calling out priority topics so that students know which areas they should concentrate on.

As units are completed you ‘tick them off’. This shows how far through your course you are. In development, we went one step further; asking how confident the student feels about each given topics. These are simply graded low, medium or high confidence. Or, as the system puts it, ‘panicky’. ‘ok’, or ‘nailed it’.

The Tracker offers you the chance to reset each course – so that the units you’ve finished go back to ‘to be done’. When you reset, you can do it according to your confidence levels. For example, you could reset only the low confidence units, or the low and medium, or everything.

What this means for students is that they could have an initial run through, indicating how they feel about each unit. Now they can ‘reset’. At this stage, they might reset their low confidence items as a starting point. Now when each unit is completed they can revisit how confident they feel. Hopefully, these topics will start to move into medium and high confidence levels!

Once they’ve been through this round – then they can reset again, and again, as time permits.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that you have good coverage against all of the content in a course – revisiting those areas that you feel comfortable with too. Not least of all because constantly working on low confidence topics can seriously knock morale. However you decide to approach it, it is considerably better to pause and review than keep ploughing ahead aimlessly. This is the best way to determine how to use these next few weeks most efficiently.

The Digital Tracker was created to sit alongside the Revision Bundles, but it works really well as a standalone tool too. If you buy it on its own it is £11.98 but half price when bought with the Buddy Board too.


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